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Home Rating

Our home is rated most importantly by our residents and their relatives, it is inspected and regulated by the Care Quality Commission and our food service is inspected by West Lindsay District Council. The results of the latest ratings are shown below:

Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is an independent inspectorate responsible for the registration and inspection of all care homes. The last CQC inspection was on 12th January 2016 and confirmed that the service provided by Waterloo House was compliant with  all the standards inspected.

If you would like to visit the Care Quality Commission website and see full details and latest inspection reports, please click here: Waterloo House Care Home.

West Lindsay District Council

The Waterloo House Care Home has been inspected by West Lindsey District Council and has been awarded the Home FIVE STARS (their highest award).


Our Quality Assurance

We sent out thirty questionnaires and received nineteen replies. We asked five basic questions of our service. All of our respondents answered YES to all questions.

Example comments made are shown below:

Is our service safe?

“Yes I feel safe here.”

“Very safe”.

“So many good things we do and he admires as all for it.”

“Course she feels safe no fault with the caring”

“An effective alarm system. Friendly and well trained staff. Signing in and out register. Well placed staff members.”

“Bedside mats to activate alarm a night”.

Is our service effective?

“It’s effective.”

“Staff know mum well and continue to support her needs as she previously wanted, although in deteriorating health.”

“My sister’s love of music is encouraged.”

“Freedom of movement within building. Supervised visits off the site. Encouragement to interact with other residents and staff”.

“Residents seem to come and go as they please, e.g to play bridge.”

Is our service caring?

“It is caring.”

“Staff are well trained, know residents well and interact with them, they recognise changing needs and give appropriate good quality care.”

“I have witnessed patience, care, sympathy and loving gestures to very vulnerable residents.”

 “Gentle talking and encouragement from staff. Names used.”

“Encouragement of residents to take part in activities and their own needs, when possible but a supportive staff are available when not possible.”

Is our service responsive?

“The care of my sister is addressed to her needs.”

“Problems are always listened to. Relative’s opinions are considered.”

“Mum is a Jehovah’s witness and staff always ask how to deal with life events in line with her religion. Care always there as needs increase.”

“They listen to me and always do something about it and I am happy with the care.”

Is our service well-led.

“Senior Managers and staff provide excellent and appropriate care service.”

“Carers always seems settled and well supported, low staff turnover. Management can be seen on floor and know all residents well.”

“Long caring and reliable people we trust.”

“Manager and lead nurse are understanding and caring and model good service.”

“All tiers of management are supportive and appear well informed.”

“As visitors are always welcome, it must be open and transparent.”