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Leisure Activities’

Music and Movement


We believe exercise is important for us all.

Music and movement sessions are very popular with our residents and staff.

These sessions bring a party atmosphere to our Home.


Our residents get ready for the a Hallowen Party making traditional pumpkin faces.

The contents of the pumpkins were scrapped out and our cook made a lovely pumpkin soup.

Paper Mache

Our residents are seen enjoying making paper mache spiders.

The spiders were hung from the ceiling to add to the Halloween decorations!


Picnic at Willingham Woods

One of the few summer days this year our residents enjoyed a picnic at Willingham Woods.

They celebrated the good weather with wonderful ice creams.

Biscuit Decoration

A fun afternoon was enjoyed decorating biscuits. Our residents made up their own designs and colour schemes and produced a lovely mutli-coloured plate for everyone to enjoy.

Queen’s Jubilee Party

Our residents and their relatives enjoyed a superb Queen’s Jubilee Party.

The dining room was decorated for the party and our residents joined in by wearing red white and blue and hats they made the previous week!